Performance Leadership International

As a Vistage Chair, Kimberly leads an Entrepreneur, Business Owner, and Business Leader Business Peer Advisory Group of high achieving, men and women who possess the following characteristics:  
  • High Integrity
  • Decisiveness
  • Risk Takers
  • Willing to Look Within
  • Determined to Grow Their Business and Grow Themselves.
You can go fast and go alone, or you can go far by going together.  For example, members who were in a Vistage  Advisory Peer Group, during the 2020 pandemic achieved 4.5% growth compared to a 4.4% decline in those who did not have a peer group.  

Why Join A Business Peer Advisory Group? It's MAGIC

When asked about where they receive the most value, members consistently highlight 5 areas

Making better decisions: gaining broader perspective and new insights by working ON the business rather than in the business
Accountability: becoming better able to hold themselves & others accountable
Growing: growing personally, professionally, and organizationally to your greatest and fullest potential
Isolation relief: embracing the knowledge and companionship of your peers. No more lonely at the top
Change management: insights, experience, and support on making BIG Changes that make a BIG impact.

Time to reach out and get help making the BIG decisions that make a BIG
impact on YOUR business and YOU!