Performance Leadership International

As a new leader to a team, I was struggling in bringing them together, and to collectively align.  By better understanding myself and how I was being perceived, Kimberly helped me identify the behaviors that were preventing me from effectively connecting with my team.  Because she has been in my shoes, as a leader, she could totally relate and help my situation. She helped me learn how to be more empathetic, change how I give feedback, and helped me understand the importance of having regular and frequent conversations with my team individually, and as a group.  I undervalued the need to know each member of my team on a personal level in order to build the trust that was missing.  I found Kimberly amazingly easy to talk to, and to open up on issues that I was self-conscious about.  She helped me to not be afraid to show some vulnerability.  I am finding that in being more authentic, my team responds better to me and I am seeing the cohesiveness and alignment I was looking for.